October 30, 2022

2023 Updates


Chinese New Year in 2023 Starts on 22 January 2023!

That is really early and there is not much time to prepare omgg... If you know what i mean  hahaha........... I would appreciate that you make an advanced booking as i really do not wish to disappoint you all! 

You may click the above tap *CNY Booking Open to read Terms.
you may click the above tap *CNY schedule to view the available slot.

Hashtag: Location Choa chu kang Ave 1 Singapore West
Keat Hong Mirage Estate beside Esso Just behind MacDonalds
Services provides
Nail service, Manicure service, Pedicure service
Eyelash service, Nail extension services, Nailart, Lash Lift

Open Everyday.
Close only on some Public holidays :)

Seeya all soon..... 

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