May 29, 2017

What's in June Holiday!!!!

TnC applys:

when was the last time you remembered Beautify nails had a Promotion? 

To be serious i myself can't remember too:( sorry for such a lag of updates because of my wedding preparations in 2016 and renovations of house in 2017 and of cos the Moving of stuffs to the new place in MAY!! To be frank, I'm still at the mist of dolling up the NAIL ROOM, slowly making things in place to perfect them in all means to fit you just right and comfortable! They are already 70% ready😇 Thanks to those who helped and advise me along the way hahaha... they turned out pretty fine:) 

Heres a promotion i had set just for you! A welcoming long awaited promo!

Why did i choice to set it in June of all months? 
*because its june holiday season & everyone seems to go holiday, and also 
its Great Singapore sales right! 
I hope you all would enjoy this promo🤘🏻

Thankyou and hope to hear from u in abit....

xoxo beautify nails💋

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