August 8, 2015

concern about your nail biting habits? or plucking habits?

Hi everyone!

This post is all about Nail Habits for Nail biters and Nail pluckers who cant stop!

Have you noticed???
Firstly - Alot of hangnails around the side that looks peeling red and swell?
That is dull to saliver that contact with your nails which had them too dry!

Use cuticle oil to help you!

Next - Your nails will never grow because of serious biting issues and peeling issues, it damages the nailbed and your nails are now very very tiny and small and extremely brittle.

Do a Protective Extension over your nails to prevents from biting or peeling!
It will help you grow your nails and appear healthy too:)

Lastly - Do you think you ll ever have your natural beautiful nails back in shape like everyone else?

YES 100%! Ive done alot of Nailbiter and had successful cure them! And Now they are confident whenever people looked at their nails!

Good luck !
Always remind yourself to never touch your nails! EVER!

I hope the above information Gives hope and help others out there!
Below is a sample of the Before and After protective Extension you may consider!

The Length colour and design can be changed to your preferred! 

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